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Clive Westwood is one of Australia's respected, leading Hypnotherapy Specialists, focusing on one-to-one hypnotherapy sessions, group hypno, hypnotism cd's and downloadable hypnosis mp3 sessions. Clive has studied under the greatest hypnotherapists in the world, and has made appearances Today Tonight , 2GB Radio, 9 News and ABC Morning Radio.

Clive has been in self-development and using hypnosis for over 10 years. As a youth, he suffered tremendously from social anxiety, which resulted in a quest for relief from a debilitating fear of "everyone and everything". Because Clive found hypnosis to be the most powerful method of treatment for himself, he quickly sought the best teachers and became an expert hypnotist Australia and now currently lives in Brisbane

​Clive was one of the first hypnotherapist to be recognized as a specialist for anxiety and depression in Australia, ​Clive has dealt with thousands of these cases mainly for the purpose of curing anxiety, depression & panic attacks.

Through his own journey he has been able to utilize these survival skills to conquer his own anxiety and depression and now with a personal understanding about these issues is able to successfully teach others to defeat their inner demons.

Clive has been trained in Advanced Evidence-based Hypnotherapy, a modality that has been thoroughly studied and tested. He insists on only using methods and techniques that have been proven effective by himself and other leading hypnotherapists.

He was trained and qualified in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy by the Institute of Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy in South Australia and by many other training schools in England

* Over 10 years in Hypnotherapy working full time as a Hypnotherapist with thousands of client success stories

* One of the First hypnotherapist to be recognised as a specialist for anxiety and depression in Australia

* Voted Number 1 best Hypnotherapist in Hand-picked top 3 hypnotherapy in Adelaide, SA by three best rated when he was living there and now currently lives in Queensland

* Been using Hypnosis and self help since 2001

* Used hypnosis on Tens Of Thousands Of People All Over World to Become Their Ultimate True Potential.

Clive was born and raised in southeast England, moved to Australia when he was 22, and now lives in Queensland.

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